Providing professional counselling services in Albury and Wodonga as well as the Riverina.

Are there areas in your life where you are struggling? Are you becoming overwhelmed, stressed out and down? Do you want to make the change to be happier and healthier? Have you experienced trauma in it’s many forms? Are you grieving an important loss?

Counselling is an effective service in assisting those who are struggling in their lives to make the necessary changes and move forward. I have a passion to help others overcome and resolve issues that may lead to mental distress and impact your daily living, as well as the effects this has on our family, loved ones, work and more.

‘One in every five Australians will suffer from a mental health condition each year.’

Poor mental health comes in many shapes and forms and it will impact each person differently, even if it is the same condition or a similar circumstance. All your sessions are individually tailored to meet your needs as there is no one size fits all approach that works for everyone. The longer that mental health issues go unaddressed the worse they get and the longer the suffering we endure. That is why it is important to do something as soon as possible, you wouldn’t ignore a broken bone and carry on as if nothing happened, you would go to a doctor or even hospital.

Why choose me as your counsellor?

I have a Masters Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy as well as further training and supervision in working therapeutically with trauma and complex trauma, addictions, loss, grief and more. I have been on staff in medical centers and worked in NGO’s providing trauma, addiction and grief counselling to those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, I have also worked with forensic clients. I am constantly updating my own skills and knowledge to best assist my clients and offer the upmost care.

Contact me today to ask any questions or make an appointment to take back your life.