About Us

About Me:

I am a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist in the Albury/Wodonga Region. With expertise in treating trauma, grief and loss, addictions, chronic pain and more as well as many other health conditions that may occur with these issues. I moved from Sydney over a year ago and was on staff in 3 medical centers, as well as working as a trauma counselor, helping client’s with complex conditions improve their lives. Having relocated to Albury/Wodonga I am now providing counselling and hypnotherapy for clients, bringing my previous expertise with me. As well as having additional training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, I am currently doing a Social Work Degree to further my skill set to assist those in community, especially clients who are of low socioeconomic status and at most risk.

Why Choose me for Counselling in Albury/Wodonga?

Having a Masters Degree in Counselling and Applied Psychotherapy, as well as training and supervision in working with trauma, attachment, grief and loss, addiction and personality difficulties gives me a strong skill set. Due to the unique and often complex nature of these conditions all sessions are individualized to suite your needs and goals. I use a mixed approach in counselling tailored to you, as well as discussing the options and needs for ongoing treatment and will aim to find a cost effective way to provide this. I continually update and train on recent research  to keep my practice on the cutting edge of treatment options to assist you.

This provides peace of mind and care that you are receiving the best treatment possible.