Providing Counselling and Hypnosis and Being Affordable

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is $140 a session or 3 sessions for $300. If you are a pensioner or concession holder sessions can be negotiated to a smaller fee per session, this allows those struggling financially to continue accessing services due to the longer term nature of trauma and grief counselling that may occur.

This means that by you getting treatment YOU can also give back to those in need in the community.

I have worked in private practice and NGO’s over the years and two things I found to be important is to allow client’s to access counselling for as long as they need and getting symptom relief as soon as possible. When working with grief, loss and trauma as well as conditions with more complex nature longer treatment may be needed to suite each individual. Therefore prices are determined with the client depending on the level of treatment and their affordability, this will be discussed and covered in the first few sessions.

Am I covered by Medicare?

I am not currently covered by Medicare. Medicare will cover 10 sessions per calendar year if you receive a mental healthcare plan from your GP. You are then able to see a Psychologist, Mental Health Social Worker, Mental Health Occupational Therapist or Mental Health Nurse for Psychological treatment to get a rebate. As great as Medicare is there are some downsides discussed below.

  • You must be diagnosed with a mental illness to receive the plan and treatment, this can have many unforeseen issues.
  • You are limited to 10 sessions per year, then pay the full cost. This often isn’t enough for more complex issues.
  • The cost after 10 sessions is usually significantly higher to keep seeking treatment than with me.
  • Treatment approaches are limited to set therapeutic modalities which are governed by Medicare.

For these reasons I aim to offer ongoing treatment at a rate that is affordable for you. If you are a pensioner, concession card holder ect please contact me for more details.

How many sessions do I need?

Because of the unique nature of psychological problems this is something that is determined and discussed with you in the first few sessions. This will include a history of mental health wellness, any diagnosis or conditions present, vulnerability to conditions and chance of relapse to name a few. I will also take financial factors into consideration in deciding an ongoing, affordable cost so you can get the treatment you need a deserve. In some instances we may look at creating a team approach to treatment to suite your needs and get the best results possible.