‘Fibromyalgia has been shown to affects roughly 10-15% of the population in given areas at any time, with debilitating symptoms leading to mental and physical health issues (Neuman & Buskila, 2003)’.

Fibromyalgia can have devastating effects in every areas of a persons life. Those in regional areas such as Albury, Wodonga and the Riverina are more likely to suffer the long term debilitating effects of it due to lack of access to healthcare services. Even though there is no current cure for Fibromyalgia there are ways it can be managed and the negative effects on physical and mental health reduced.

Some of the signs of Fibromyalgia are as follows:

  • Sore spots on the top and bottom half of the body with no functional or refereed pain.
  • Severe fatigue and exhaustion from doing simple activities.
  • Sensitivity to certain stimulus that worsens such as noise, light and touch.
  • Changes in mood leading to anxiety and depression

It is important that other causes are first ruled out before FMS is diagnosed in patients. Many in the Albury, Wodonga and surrounding rural areas recount the amount of time it took to finally get a diagnosis to ensure other causes were not present. Getting supportive assistance during this time can assist in lessening the stress.

Many who have FMS report that medications do little for them and over time their conditions and symptoms worsen without treatment. This can often make it difficult, and frustrating for both doctors and patients who just want answers. This program is not a cure for FMS but rather aims at reducing the severity of symptoms and addressing the psychological factors for FMS to be able to lead a more functional happy and healthy life.

This will include addressing the lack of sleep that is often associated with FMS, looking to learn pain management strategies to live a more comfortable life, assessing lifestyle choices and the impacts on FMS as well as addressing mental health and stress that can trigger FMS episodes.

This program looks at 10 sessions to address these issues over time and re-calibrate the nervous system so you can live a free and happier life.

Don’t let FMS hold your life back and stop you living and doing what you wish to do. If you live in Albury, Wodonga or surronding areas like Corowa there is hope to help you. Contact me today for a confidential and free chat.


Neumann, L., & Buskila, D. (2003). Epidemiology of fibromyalgia. Current pain and headache reports7(5), 362-368.