Albury, Wodonga and the Riverina has high issues with drug, alcohol, gambling and prescription medication addiction. 

Addiction affects more and more Australians each year and is one of the leading causes of death worldwide due to the high risk factors associated with it. Addiction is usually related to excess alcohol and drug use, yet gambling and addiction to prescription medications can be just as damaging yet they often go unnoticed.

If you suffer an addiction issue counselling may help you overcome it.

Having worked with a number of addictions and mental health conditions I provide an individually tailored approach to each person. Addiction is often linked to previous or current trauma (as well as domestic violence) as well as life stress and more so I also aim to work through these issues with you helping you become free from the underlying causes.

Due to the complex and potentially hazardous nature of addiction I aim to set up a team to provide support throughout the whole process. This may include your GP, linking with local drug, alcohol and gambling services and setting up supportive services to assist you if you are struggling with any other difficulties such as financial support and groups. Evidence shows the stronger a persons support network the higher their success rate in short and long term. However, none of this will be done without your consent and we will thoroughly discuss this before hand.

While these areas are being addressed, which aim to reduce your stress levels counselling is able to work on reducing relapse, working through trauma that is tied to addiction and anything else that may be present as to why the addiction was present.

Links between addiction, stress and trauma:

Those who have experienced trauma may find they have one or more addiction issues, as well as individuals who struggle to manage stress or depression being at a higher risk to developing addiction to ‘self-medicate’.

The reason for this is often more simple than we think: We avoid what is painful which many types of addiction (including self-harm) allows us to do. They allow dissociation and distance from the problem that you face, which in the short term reduces how much we suffer. However, once we are sober or away from the gambling machine the issue is often present again and actually builds in intensity over time.

So as well as working on the addictive behavior it is also extremely important to work on any underlying issues present, this is the aim in building a supportive treatment team to give you the success you deserve.