Trauma exists in many peoples lives and can occur in many places and situations. Those in Albury Wodonga, Wangaratta and regional areas are at higher risk than others due to isolation.

The aim of trauma therapy and recovery is to be able to gently and flexibly address the way trauma has affected different aspects of your life. Trauma counselling and therapy also aims to quickly address more distressing aspects of trauma, such as suicide or anxiety and teach the tools and techniques to manage these issues. When people think of trauma most people relate this to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a Psychiatric diagnosis. Most people do not understand the more ‘complex’ aspects of trauma that may exist in their lives and where this can come from. Trauma can affect all aspects of lives from our relationships with others, ourselves, impact our work and social lives and even our sex lives.

Trauma therapy consists of 3 phases of work:

  1. Is providing safety and stability in the therapeutic work, as well as psychoeducation around hyper and hypoarousal and learning self-soothing techniques to manage them.
  2. Is processing of the traumatic events, this can involve talking, therapy for dissociation and learning how the trauma has impacted and shaped our lives.
  3. Is post traumatic growth and integration by focusing on how to live the life we want to live, aiming on goals we want to achieve and moving forward in light of traumatic events.

Trauma is extremely prevalent in regional areas surrounding Albury Wodonga and there only a number of therapists with training and expertise to assist those in managing and working through what they have been through. This shows the importance of having a therapist who can work with you step by step in your journey to recovery and happiness.

Trauma can arise from many incidents, such as:

  • Childhood abuse (physical, verbal, sexual)
  • Domestic violence
  • Immigration from overseas (cultural trauma)
  • Sudden and shocking loss (such as a suicide)
  • Natural Disastrous
  • War and terrorism

These are some of the less well known aspects of trauma that may affect a persons life and sense of self identity. Do you relate to any of them or can you think of something else that may have caused trauma in yourself or someone you know? Trauma comes in many shapes and sizes and it also affects each person in very different ways.

Below are some of the conditions that are more commonly associated with traum:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Dissociation Disoders
  • Complex-PTSD

This is why it is important to have an approach to suite your needs and not cause retraumatisation. Albury Wodonga counselling and hypnosis focuses on Post-Traumatic Growth vs Post Traumatic Stress.

Many people are aware that working with trauma incorrectly can actually cause more harm than good by retraumatizing the person. Retraumatization is where traumatic material is brought up and the effects of the trauma are experienced again, while this is often unintentional it may still be extremely damaging. Therefore each person must have an approach that respects them and their individual strengths and differences.

Trauma is also heavily tied to other mental health conditions such as addiction, psychosis (Bipolar and Schizophrenia), personality disorders and depression. Instead of using labels, I utilize your strengths and resources as a person in your treatment due to the negative stigma and ‘boxes’ that labels can cause. After all despite the trauma that has happened to you even though you didn’t deserve it you survived and are still here today.

I have worked with a number of people with many different types of trauma with a variety of ages over many years. Through counselling the aim is to overcome the effects trauma has had on your life so you can be free, happier and healthier. With training in how to work with complex trauma (Blueknot Foundation) and integrating the latest research (such as DBT and ACT) as well as ongoing supervision I provide effective trauma counselling in the Albury, Wodonga and Riverina.

With the recent news of the National Redress Scheme more people are becoming aware of the impacts of trauma in many aspects of their lives. This means more is known and more people are seeking help

It is acknowledged what has happened to you cannot be undone but we can do something with where you are at now. Never let others take your strength from what you have been through away from you.

Call me today for a confidential chat to discuss how I might help you or someone you know.